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In June 2012 I had a laparoscopic band removal and revision to the Gastric Sleeve by Dr. David Buchin. The Sleeve has proven to be an extremely effective tool for me. I am finally able to eat dense protein and stay satisfied like I’ve always wanted! This is the ONLY thing that has worked for me and I could not have accomplished so much without this tool. I had to make drastic changes such as eliminating carbohydrates, sodas, and junk food from my diet. I concentrate on eating a lot of protein such as chicken, fish, eggs etc. The Premiere protein shake from Costco is great! I exercise and do a lot of strength training to stay in shape. It is a tough journey and at times I do slip up however I could not have done this without the continued support from Dr. David Buchin. He truly inspires me to continue to push even when I've experienced a slight weight gain. I love every minute of my journey and will continue to put an end to obesity. Please visit my youtube link below to see my journey