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"Dr. Buchin was very knowledgeable and sympathetic to me, post Op care was excellent​​​​​​​"
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Published 07/26/17
"Dr. Buchin was not my physician, he was called in as a consult because of his reputation. I have never met a more caring and genuine person in a hospital before. My husband was a patient in Huntington Hospital and Dr. Buchin was not even his doctor, he was called in briefly as a consult but took the time to fully explain things to us in laymen's terms. When our doctors were not available to answer questions (which was often) he always came and answered our questions until we were fully satisfied and understood. He came daily just to check on my husband, even in the evenings when no other doctors were to be found. Most surprisingly the weekends!!! It's like you don't exist on the weekends, but there was Dr. Buchin. No matter what day or time he was accessible to us. He was so patient answering the same questions over and over as he knew this was such a stressful time in our lives and he did everything he could possibly do to reassure us. Whenever we contacted the office we never felt like they were put off by our calls over and over again. They were so friendly, pleasant and understanding and truly helpful. I would recommend this doctor to anyone! I wish they were all as dedicated and professional and kind as he.​​​​​​​"
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Published 07/25/17
"Amazing surgeon and amazing staff!​​​​​​​"
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Published 07/20/17
"Amazing surgeon and staff!​​​​​​​"
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Published 07/15/17
"I love this group! So sweet, helpful, understanding, professional, honest, and real."
Published 05/26/17
"This has hands down been one of the best experiences of my life, healthcare related, or othwerwise. From day 1, everyone in the office was professional and friendly. Dr Buchin and his staff truly know how to work with bariatric patients and have the keen sensitivity that is most often required. I am almost a year post-op and my results are astounding. I have lost and kept off over 160 lbs. The change is asronomical. I am hittig the gym, competing in athletics, doing things i never though I would do due to my weight. I highly reccomend anyone thinking of havig a bariatric procedure done...go see Dr B. Dont be scared. This gentleman will change your life!"
Published 04/4/17
"Amazing Doctor.... Simply put, his skills reflect in the smiles that his patients have after having bariatric surgery."
Published 08/11/16
"Dr. Buchin and his practice are, and were, amazing! Throughout the entire process, from information session just to learn about bariatric surgery, through follow up care after surgery, they are accessible, knowledgeable, sensitive, and caring. I felt comfortable and relaxed from the first time I stepped into his office. The monthly support groups, and Facebook patient support group foster a real sense of camaraderie among his patients, and probably increases overall compliance and long term success. Dr. Buchin even joined a group of patients for a "Color Run" 5K! Best bariatric doctor I've ever met!"
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Published 08/08/16
"In April I had a laparoscopic procedure called Nissen Fundoplication done by Dr Buchin. This procedure is done to repair the valve between the esophagus & stomache to prevent GERD. I had been suffering badly with this for many years, also I had a lot of difficulty in eating due to food getting stuck in this area when eating, almost every meal. I was in the hospital only one night post op surgery, and one week later I was fine to return to work. I no longer have GERD, problems with eating, and I no longer take proton pump inhibitors that I had been on for a long time ( they were barely helping at this point ). This surgery resulted in an unbelievable improvement in my quality of life. Dr Buchin performed an incredible surgery for me, the results are AMAZING, and I can’t thank him enough!!!"
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Published 07/21/16
"Dr. Buchin is an amazing surgeon with great bed side manner! Its been almost one year since my surgery and I'm more than thrilled with my results and with his continuous support and guidance. What makes Dr Buchin stand out from all other doctors is his skill, knowledge, and accessibility. Whenever I have a question he always responds immediately and his staff always makes sure I come in for my follow up appointments. Sometimes there is a wait but I know its because he takes his time with each pt, answering all of their questions. I love that Dr. Buchin is always at the support groups answering all of our questions! I couldn't ask for anything more from such an outstanding team. Thanks Dr. B for all of your help on my weight loss journey!"
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Published 07/11/16
"My procedure went exactly as he describe it. The office workers are very nice and accomodating."
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Published 09/23/15
"Choosing the right bariatric surgeon was a very difficult decision until I met Dr Buchin. The professionalism, the bedside manner, the pre-op and post-op care among other outstanding interactions that I've experienced from Dr Buchin himself and his office stuff made this journey of mine the most comfortable one. Dr Buchin is a true professional and an amazing person. From my first interaction with him at the consultation appointment to the 6th month after the operation follow up, he has shown a great deal of interest in my progress and has being there for me for all of my questions and concerns. His office stuff is outstanding and will go above and beyond to help you dealing with insurance, coordinating appointments and supporting you with diet and appropriate recommendations to keep you motivated. Finally, if bariatric surgery is your treatment of choice then I highly recommend to you my doctor, Dr David Buchin.​"
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Published 12/19/14
"Dr Buchin holds regular group support meetings for ore and post op patients to discuss the entire process. He and his staff are experts on the approval criteria and process with insurance requirements and thoroughly prepares his patients with what to expect at every step per and post procedure. I had surgery on a Wednesday and was back at my desk the following Monday. The only real restriction was not being able to fly for a few weeks after surgery. I would definitely recommend the procedure and Dr Buchins practice Long Island Obesity​"
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Published 12/02/14
"I would highly recommend Dr Buchin for bariatric surgery. He is the best! He spends a lot of time with you in the office explaining everything and thoroughly reviews all blood work results with you.​​"
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Published 11/26/14
"Positive Comments: If you had him as your doctor you know as i do he is a great person and dr.​​​"
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Published 03/11/14

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