Featured Story

Michael Isaacs was on the Dr. Oz Show back in 2015 for the national NurseSearch. After seeing himself on TV he realized it was time to take the necessary steps towards a healthier lifestyle. In 2016 Michael had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy performed by Dr. David Buchin and was able to lose a total of 177lbs! With continued support and guidance from Dr. Buchin as well as maintaining a consistent gym routine, the weight fell off over an 8 month period. Now his life is all about a routine and sticking to it.

Michael’s favorite tool to use in the kitchen is his slow cooker. “I have thrown just about everything in there and it all comes out perfectly. It really helps with meal prep since my portions are so small, 1 batch in the cooker makes at least a weeks’ worth of meals.” Michael is in the gym 4-6 days a week for 90 minutes at a time. The gym has become his sanctuary where he can actually see the results of his hard work. Michael loves obstacle races and powerlifting but puts most of his energy into helping those who are new to the bariatric process. He is getting certified as a personal trainer in April and will be launching a fitness apparel line in the upcoming months. "At this point, there isn't anything I can’t do these days and it’s all thanks to my weight loss."