Endoscopic Suturing

The OverStitch endoscopic suturing device from Apollo Endosurgery is used in the revision of gastric bypass. Dr. Buchin is the first surgeon in the New York Metropolitan area (and one of the first in the country) to offer this new and exciting treatment option. By tightening the connection between the gastric pouch and the small intestine, the OverStitch restricts food intake and creates the feeling of fullness (similar to how the patient felt right after the initial bypass surgery).
The OverStitch system sutures are placed during an endoscopic procedure, so the patient can return home the same day. Thanks to the innovative design of the device, Dr. Buchin is easily able to control the depth of the suture placement and place durable stitches. A stage diet is recommended to help with weight loss and promote optimal tissue healing. Other restrictions do not apply because of the nature of the procedure.
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