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Obesity Surgery

Advanced Weight loss Surgery- Bariatric Surgeon Serving New York and Long Island

Obesity is a rising health epidemic in our country. A chronic condition that increases the risk of serious health problems, obesity robs millions of Americans of their quality of life. Limited range of motion, difficulty finding clothes and ongoing aches and pains are just a few of the problems obese people encounter daily. Unfortunately, morbid obesity is difficult to treat through traditional weight loss methods. Bariatric surgery is one of the best options for people that struggle with morbid obesity and have failed to lose weight through diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery promotes rapid, substantial weight loss by restricting caloric intake. Surgical treatment is not a quick fix —it is a tool. To succeed, bariatric surgery patients must commit to making serious lifestyle changes after surgery.

Weight loss is a lifelong struggle that not only affects physical health but emotional and mental as well. At LIObesity Surgery we not only offer the best and most up to date options for weight loss but also the dedication to support and motivation that each patient deserves in this process. Our knowledgeable staff are invested in making this process as successful and beneficial for all patients. Bi-monthly support groups and our informational social media involvement not only allow for patients to connect with us about any questions or concerns but also contact and gain support from other patients involved in the process as well. Our main priorities at LIObesity Surgery are to assist and guide each patient towards a happier/ healthier lifestyle and lasting success.

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Meet Dr. Buchin


Dr. David Buchin is a board certified general surgeon that focuses on helping people lose weight and live healthier lives through bariatric surgery. With a decade of surgical experience and expertise in laparoscopic techniques, he is the surgeon Long Island patients trust for safe, effective weight loss solutions. Dr. Buchin is the Director of Bariatric Surgery at Huntington Hospital.


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